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Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

While many people overlook the need for curtain cleaning, it is an extremely important part of ensuring your home maintains a healthy environment. Just like carpets, curtains too receive a lot of wear and tear and collect pollutants and dust. If left uncleaned, curtains can begin to deteriorate and smell. They have even been found to be responsible for causing bacterial growth in dark, damp corners.

At Master Class Carpet Cleaning, we perform exceptional on-site curtain cleaning. Unlike conventional dry cleaning methods which force you to remove your curtains and send them off to be cleaned, leaving your windows exposed for days, our method is hassle free. We will have your curtains cleaned and dry in your home in a matter of hours, allowing you to function normally. This is the best and most convenient method for cleaning curtains, which is extremely affordable.

On-site curtain cleaning process

Step 1: Our technicians perform a complete and careful assessment of your curtains. During this process we assess how stained and soiled the curtains are and identify the type of fabric the curtains are made from.

Step 2: We carry out a dry brushing of the curtains. This method gets rid of fluff and soiling that has built up on the curtains.

Step 3: We use a hospital grade filtration vacuum to pre-vacuum the curtains.

Step 4: Any stains, spills or spots are pre-treated.

Step 5: With our specialised fine fabric solution we pre-condition the curtains.

Step 6: We perform a special steam extraction process.

Step 7: To prevent re-soiling and to get rid of any sticky matter, we carry out a fibre rinse and deodorising. This step will make your curtains not only look great but smell fresh and feel soft.

Step 8: The last step of fabric protection is optional. However, it is a step we advise as it maintains the look of your clean curtains and increases their lifespan.

The Very Latest Curtain Cleaning Technology

We have invested heavily in the latest most up to date curtain cleaning equipment, our advanced equipment allows us to perform exceptional curtain cleaning for our customers leaving your curtains beautifully clean, fresh and dry within one hour.

Our specialised equipment heats the cleaning solution to optimum cleaning temperatures as it cleans and simaltaneously extracts all soiling from your curtains, this system allows us to clean your curtains in your home as they hang so there is no need to pull down and remove your curtains from the windows. This system also allows us to clean a wide variety of curtains that the dry cleaning companies are unable to clean due to the risk of shrinkage.

Mould Removal From Curtains

Mould on the backing of curtains is a common problem due to condensation within the home. At Master Class Carpet Cleaning Adelaide we have specialised treatments to effectively remove this mould and save your curtains. General cleaning will not remove mould we will need to apply our specialised treatment , if left un-treated the mould will damage the curtains beyond repair.

If you would like to find out more about our curtain cleaning service in Adelaide, please call us on 0404 230 811.