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We spend a third of our lives sleeping on our mattresses and during this time we are in direct
contact with our mattress, so having a clean , completely sanitised and dust mite free mattress is vital. For this reason we have developed Adelaide’s most detailed , most thorough mattress cleaning process directly targeted at complete dust mite removal and mattress sanitation. We completely guarantee that our mattress cleaning process is the most effective and most detailed mattress cleaning process in Adelaide.

Hygienic Mattress Cleaning in Adelaide

It may surprise you, but an un-cleaned mattress can contain up to an astonishing 2 million dust mites. What is more disturbing is that within a dust mites lifetime, it will excrete about 2000 fecal particles.

Dust mites are commonly found in our mattresses and pillows as they like to live in moist environments and feed on shed skin. The presence of dust mites is particularly troublesome for asthma suffers, as their allergens trigger symptoms including clogging of the lungs, a runny nose, itchiness, sneezing, watering eyes and infected and inflamed skin.

A simple step you can take to ensure you home has a healthy environment is to invest in regular mattress cleaning and sanitising. We have especially designed a hygienic Mattress Cleaning Service that focuses on removing dust mites and sanitising your mattress. Once we’ve cleaned your mattress it will be completely clean and sanitised and free of any dust mites.

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Adeliade’s most detailed and most effective mattress cleaning service guaranteed

Step 1 – We conduct a full and thorough inspection of your mattress

Step 2 – We dry brush your mattress to remove any fluff and particles from the stitching

Step 3 – Vacuuming of your mattress with a specialised hepa filtered vacuum

Step 4 – Treatment of any spots , spills or problem areas on the mattress

Step 5 – Mattress pre-conditioning , we apply a gentle ph neutral shampoo

Step 6 – Light aggitation we use a specialised hand mitt to scrub and aggitate your mattress
(this process will dramtically improve the final cleaning result )

Step 7 – ” HOT” Steam extraction our specialised machines clean with extremely high
temperatures to clean and completely sanitise your mattress. During this process
we run an anti-bacterial treatment in with the cleaning solution to ensure complete mattress sanitation.

Step 8 – We apply a gentle anti- allergen and deodourising treatment

Step 9 – Towell drying , we use brand new white towells to wipe down your mattress this will further clean your mattress and assist with the drying process

Step 10 – Fabric protection of your mattress, this is an optional treatment that we can apply
this will help protect the mattress fabric and it will keep it cleaner for longer.

You will certainly sleep well in knowing your mattress has been cleaned and

completely sanitised by Master Class Carpet Cleaning  !!!

Type of Mattress Price
Single $90
Double $120
Queen $130
King $140

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Dust mitesDust mite infestations  in mattresses is a well documented fact these days and the scientific studies supporting dust mites and their effect on our health can be quite disturbing. So how do we remove these un-wanted nasties from your mattress.

  • Firstly we dry brush the mattress, this will help remove the dust mites from the mattress stitching and make our vacuuming process more effective.
  • Secondly we use a specialised high powered vacuum with a turbo brush head this will assist with the physical removal of the majority of the dust mites and their eggs.
  • Most Importantly we use specialised steam cleaning equipment, our steam cleaning machines generate high temperatures of over 100 degrees celcius this high cleaning temperature will instantly kill the dust mites and other nasties on contact.( temperatures over 60 degrees celcius will kill dust mites however an allowance needs to be made for heat loss during the cleaning process ) The vacuum recovery of our machines will   further remove the dead dust mites and their eggs from your mattress.

Beware !!!  It’s important to understand that at Master Class Carpet Cleaning we use specialised mattress cleaning equipment capable of achieving the extremely high temperatures required for complete dust mite removal and mattress sanitation. Most carpet cleaning companies will only use a portable machine filled with hot tap water these machines will simply not generate the high temperatures required to eliminate dust mites  and properly sanitise  your mattress. For more details on our mattress cleaning service in Adelaide please call the professional team at Master Class Carpet Cleaning today and we can further explain our service and how it may assist you.


Urine staining on mattresses is a common situation that we encounter almost on a daily  basis with our mattress cleaning service in Adelaide. When a mattress has been contaminated with urine there are two main issues that need to be addressed and rectified , firstly there is the staining and secondly there is the contamination itself. When a mattress has been contaminated with urine the urine needs to be completely flushed from the mattress and the mattress treated with anti-bacterial treatments. If left un-treated the mattress can become quite odorous and can harbour un-wanted bacteria even to the point that mould can set in.  Urine staining on mattresses can be quite difficult and often impossible to remove , with that said at Master Class Carpet Cleaning we have developed a very unique and effective formulation that can in most cases  greatly reduce urine staining on mattresses.


Clean and protect with our specialised Master Guard Treatment.

Fabric ProtectionFabric protection of your mattress makes good sense , now that your mattress is      completely clean and sanitised it makes good sense to help keep it that way with our premium Master Guard Treatment. With our Master Guard Treatment your newly cleaned mattress will stay cleaner so much longer, it will resist most future staining , future cleaning will be more effective , it will help protect and add logevity to your mattress, and it will allow you to effectively maintain your mattress in between professional cleaning. Our unique Master Guard Treatment is extremely cost effective  and  it will save you money, if you are serious about maintaining a healthy mattress this treatment is an absolute must.

For more information or to book Adelaide’s most detailed and effective mattress cleaning service please phone our friendly staff for assistance on  0404 230 811