Specialised Mould Removal Adelaide

mould 6Mould infestations within the home can cause serious health issues for its occupants and can trigger asthma attacks, respiratory problems and allergies. Mould will also continue to damage the surface it is growing on and the longer it is left untreated the more difficult and more costly the removal process will be. Mould can be extremely dangerous for the home   owner to attempt to remove as this will disturb the mould spores, increasing the risk of inhaling the spores. Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced in identifying  and eliminating mould from your home.

We follow strict guidelines to ensure safe and effective mould removal from your home , our technicians will conduct the following procedures in order to deliver safe, effective mould removal results.

Identifying the cause :  To identify and rectify the cause &  source of the mould growth our team employs the latest moisture detection technology. These instruments work by locating any dampness within the property  allowing us to pin point the cause of the problem.

Mould Cleaning & Removal : Using specialised mould removal treatments we are able to  safely and effectively clean and remove all visable mould from the affected area. This is generally a labour intensive job and strict  safety measures are taken during this process to ensure the well being of the technician and the home owner.

Protection : Finally we apply our unique anti-microbial treatment , this treatment prevents the likelyhood of the mould returning. This advanced treatment has given us a great success rate and allows us to provide our customer with guaranteed results.


At Master Class Carpet Cleaning Adelaide we offer total solutions to your mould problem. From   identifying  and rectifying the cause of the mould infestation , to the cleaning and removal of the mould right through to the killing and erradication  of the mould spores and preventative treatments to stop the mould from returning. Our professional mould removal service will give  you complete  peace of mind in knowing the job has been done properly and the environment within your home is safe again for you and your family.


Mould prospers in areas that are damp and wet and areas that have poor ventilation and increased humidity levels even the smallest amount of  moisture can trigger a major mould outbreak  given the right environment. Mould infestations are often the direct result of the following.

mould removal 8

  • Poor ventilation
  • Leaking pipes and taps
  • Water damage & flooding not properly dried
  • Leaking roofs and gutters
  • Condensation within the home
  • Pet urine contamination

If you have mould within your home in Adelaide don’t put up with it any longer , the professional team at Master Class Carpet Cleaning Adelaide can safely and effectively remove the mould for you.

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