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At Master Class Carpet Cleaning we take great pride in delivering Adelaide’s best upholstery cleaning service !!! Completely backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Upholstery cleaning Adelaide – lounge suites , arm chairs , dining chairs and other upholstered furnisnings all receive a lot of use and wear and tear particularly in a home with pets and children Whilst soiling and staining of these furnishings in your home is unavoidable it doesn’t  have to be permanent. Upholstery  professionally cleaned by Master Class Carpet Cleaning will look and feel like new again!!

A professional upholstery clean by Master Class Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide will remove in-ground dirt and soiling , everyday spots and stains , dust mites , body oils and pet hair leaving your upholstery beautifully fresh and clean. We take the time and the care required to ensure your upholstery gets the attention it deserves and to ensure we achieve the very best upholstery cleaning results for our valued customers.

Upholstery fabrics are basically divided into two main categories natural & synthetic fabrics at Master Class Carpet Cleaning we have been professionally trained to safely and effectively clean all types of upholstery and fabrics. We know and understand the specific cleaning requirements for all types of fabrics and we know the best cleaning solutions to use for those fabrics  to achieve outstanding upholstery cleaning results for our customers.  

Upholstery professionally cleaned by Master Class Carpet Cleaning will stay cleaner for longer –  we guarantee it !! –  We do not use cheap high alkaline cleaning solutions to clean your upholstery. These high alkaline cleaning solutions are commonly  used throughout the industry, unfortunately they leave a sticky residue in your upholstery which in turn leads to rapid re-soiling and often stains that you thought at the time were gone will re-appear. We use premium quality ph neutral encapsulating shampoos that leave absolutely no sticky residue in your upholstery, not only will your upholstery stay cleaner, so much longer it will feel incedibly silky and smooth and will be pleasurable  to sit on after we have cleaned it.  You will see and feel the difference when your upholstery is cleaned by Master Class Carpet Cleaning. 


  • We have been professionally trained to the highest level for upholstery cleaning
  • We have over ten years upholstery cleaning experience
  • We use the latest state of the art equipment
  • Our system leaves no residue in your upholstery – it will stay cleaner for longer
  • We deliver prompt, on time exceptional customer service
  • We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • We take the time and make the effort to remove the stains that others give up on
  • We take great pride in providing the best upholstery cleaning service in Adelaide


” we remove the stains others leave behind “

leather upholstery pic 2We have specialised treaments for the removal of most stains from your upholstery – if the stain can be removed  you can be assured that the professional team at Master Class Carpet Cleaning will remove it for you !!!

  • Food spills such as –    Sauce, chocolate , cooking oil , butter , vegemite , ice cream peanut butter , jam , egg , cream , baby food  , etc.
  • Beverage spills –    Tea , coffee , soft drink , red wine, flavoured milk , juice , baby formula , alchohol , water stains , etc.
  • Others –     Chewing gum , grease , ink , candle wax , make – up , lipstick , shoe polish , mud , texture , vomit , etc
  • Pet treatments –    Pet urine , pet vomit , pet odours , pet hair , etc.


Now that your upholstery is beautifully clean and fresh it makes good sense to keep it looking that way with our premium  ” Master Guard ” fabric protection treatment. Our fabric protection treatment will help protect your upholstery from everyday wear and tear , safeguard it from most spills and stains , and keep it clean and looking new for longer. We offer our fabric protection treatment to our customers at a discounted rate when applied directly after upholstery cleaning.

For more details on our upholstery cleaning Adelaide Service  please call the trusted team at Master Class Carpet Cleaning on      ph  0404 230 811


leather upholstery picLeather lounge suites and upholstery are generally quite expensive items and without periodic professional cleaning they are at risk of deterioration. Over time the essential oils in the top coat of the leather will deplenish exposing the leather to premature wear and in time the leather can begin to crack and split.

Using a specialised citrus based cleansing agent we carefully hand clean your leather upholstery removing built-up soling and staining. We then apply our leather nourishing treatment, this will replenish the oils in the leather and leave your leather upholstery feeling soft and suptle just as it was when you first bought it. Using specialised lint free cloths we then buff your leather upholstery  to a lustouris shine.

If it has been a long time since your leather upholstery was last cleaned or if it is particularly dirty we can also add a steam cleaning  process to the cleaning service, this will further remove any stubborn soiling or stains.

Leather cleaning Adelaide process

  • Initial pre – clean
  • Hand cleaning with a citrus based cleansing agent
  • Steam cleaning process
  • We apply a leather nourishing treament
  • We apply a leather protection treatment
  • We hand buff your leather

For more details on our leather upholstery cleaning in Adelaide please phone the professional team at Master Class Carpet Cleaning on  0404 230 811